The City of the Future

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The City of the Future

  • Photos: Klaus Mellenthin

Globalization, urbanization, and the sustainable integration of ecology and economics: the trend toward the concentration of people, industry, commerce, and hence traffic streams in cities and metropolitan regions continues unabated worldwide. Essential for viable and livable metropolises is the minimization of emissions and resource use. WÖHR is not just following this process of transformation, but actively shaping it as well.

WÖHR’s vision of a sustainable and connective city of tomorrow was presented at the BAU fair in Munich 2023.

As a generator of ideas, WÖHR is contributing to the ongoing redesign of urban parking facilities through innovative and sustainable solutions. Found in our product portfolio are a number of parking systems for automobiles and bicycles that address current challenges – such as the shortage of parking space – with solutions that conserve resources. The vision of a future city cultivated by WÖHR is based on five themes in relation to which our firm develops and implements our parking systems.

Climate change, resource scarcity, and the resultant ecological, economic, and social issues represent the great challenges of our time. The smart city of tomorrow will necessarily be adapted to the spirit of sustainability. The parking solutions developed by WÖHR means, for example, that the search for parking space involves reduced surface area and fewer emissions. As the premier provider of facilities designed to concentrate parking space, WÖHR was the first to receive an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which certifies the sustainability of the product’s life cycle, for one of our parking systems.

Mixed Functions and Neighborhood Development

The city of tomorrow will once again be conceived more emphatically as an ensemble of neighborhoods, and will feature a humane, environmentally friendly mixture of dwellings, workplaces, local suppliers, points of social encounter, and services. An essential component of future neighborhood development projects – whether involving new construction or extensions and renovations – will be the design of parking space, of “vertical parking” and automatized, digitally managed neighborhood garages. These partially or fully automated parking solutions will stack cars vertically, whether aboveground or in subterranean levels, and hence require far less space.

In the future, individual transport will still play a central role. But not just people must be mobile: in the city of tomorrow, commodity streams will need to be organized very differently from today. In response, WÖHR has developed the concept of the centrally organized “last mile city.” What is new about this idea? Rather than positioning large logistics centers on peripheries, requiring high levels of traffic throughout the city by delivery vehicles, the concept relies on an efficiently networked system of decentralized logistical hubs, which are distributed across various neighborhoods. The solutions offered by WÖHR are helpful here, for they can provide flexible space for parking, maneuvering, and deliveries on an extremely limited terrain for both conventional as well as cutting edge vehicles and delivery solutions.


The densification in downtown urban areas is becoming increasingly important for city planners. The solutions offered by WÖHR make it possible to create new parking space in residential and office buildings, in both commercial real estate and administrative facilities. Even the capacity of preexisting parking garages or subterranean garages can be expanded without the need to use increased surface area or construct vertical extensions.

And when it comes to expanding bicycle traffic in downtown areas, WÖHR offers cities and municipalities appropriate parking solutions. Automated bicycle parking garages that minimize the use of expensive surface area, providing protection from wind, weather, and theft, fulfil all of the requirements of contemporary parking space management. Here in particular, with its Bikesafe and Bike Safe Tower, WÖHR offers comfortable, space-saving, architecturally attractive solutions.

Worldwide, WÖHR has already equipped a number of impressive properties with our innovative product solutions. The modularity and scalability of our broad product palette, which contains both mechanical as well as fully automated parking systems, allows us to contribute viable solutions to ensuring mobility in the city of the future!

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